Basement Leakage

We finally had it, our first big rain since the grading has been done! And guess what, it still leaks! We only had a short 15 minutes of hard rain. What will happen when we have a full day of downpour like we did when the basement got 2 feet of water in it? Having the “final” grade done was Matt’s solution to our leaking basement. Apparently that is not the case. I called Matt and sent the below pictures to him. I also had him explain how the water proofing works, turns out it is more water resistant than water proof. I mentioned it sounds like it’s water resistant and not water proof and Matt admitted that’s saying it lightly. Well, it’s true and they have false advertisement if that’s the case! 20140708_165840 (1)20140708_165827 (1)20140708_165758 (1)20140708_165750 (1)20140708_165742 (1)20140708_165738 (1)


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