Nearing The End

Looks like we’re getting pretty close to the end people. Our field manager Matt is back from vacation so we finally got some communication on the house. Bank inspection is Wednesday, final cleaning is Wednesday, paint touch ups this week, and fixing some electrical this week. We were laying on our new carpet in the great room and I was looking up analyzing everything on Saturday, 7/5 and I noticed that the drywall tape was coming up in multiple spot on the seam of the cathedral ceiling. Matt was there today and we mentioned it to him. He’s going to schedule the mudders to come out and fix it. We still haven’t gotten our garage door fixed like we asked, our basement stairs are about an inch too high at this point so they rock when you go down them, the fan switch doesn’t work in the bathroom (it’s constantly running) and our fan and light doesn’t work at all in the master bedroom. After the bank inspection we should be able to install our appliances on Thursday but we’ve arranged for friends and family to help us with them on Friday. The end is near, I’m very skeptical we’ll get in this weekend but Matt said he’s going to try….we’ll see I guess. I have people on stand by to help us move on Saturday just in case.

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