Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

It happened, we got a final grade….WHAT? It looks pretty ok, we still have some piles that we need to remove….ourselves. Ouch! We were thinking about filling in the ditch with these so we’ll see.

and yes, that is a Bohemian Rhapsody reference

Backyard, there is still a pile back there that we’ll have to do something with….20140702_175614

Back of the house, the pipes are our gas vents and sump pump drain.20140702_175625

Back of the house, didn’t bother to move the steps that are being supported by nothing so they fall every time you step on them…up to code?20140702_175627

Back of the house20140702_175630

1 of the 3 piles that were left over as our responsibility20140702_175643

Front yard

Front of the garage20140702_175826

To the right of the front stoop, the window is our laundry room20140702_175829

Left of the front stoop, great room window20140702_175832

Left, front of the house. Windows are the front bedroom

Left side of the house. This is where we’ve had all the basement leaking problems so I’m hoping they’ll be resolved by the final grading

Left side of the house again20140702_175850

Front gutter that we ran drain pipes to and the septic line to the street that was installed by KMU20140702_175852

Apparently I thought the left side of the house was really important….20140702_175855

Front yard, KMU left a big pile of dirt leading to the septic line and the excavator packed it down nicely20140702_175859


Temp pole, this was the trench we dug for the sump and gutter run off to go into the ditch20140702_175911

Blue pole is where the water tap is (did I mention we contacted the water department and got our 40 ft of copper back….$160 worth of copper that can be resold….)20140702_175918

I can’t believe all of this finally got done. One step closer to move in!


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