That New Carpet Smell

Ahhhh, it’s finally here! The new carpet, along with that new carpet smell! All of the floors are officially layed. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the feeling of the carpet in the bedrooms. For the great room and hallway we got the upgraded carpet (was only maybe $130 extra?) and now I regret not upgrading the rest of the house. The carpet in the bedrooms is, well it feels like you’re walking on grass and it squeaks under your feet like it’s a plastic bag….hopefully a few washings will break it in more. The carpet in the great room and hallway is sooo soft and squishy under my toes. I ran around the house barefoot for about an hour yesterday! It’s great to see these final touches progressing. Bryan wasn’t able to see the carpet yesterday and he’s not able to go today so I brought him home a couple of scraps so he could feel and see them. He loves the great room carpet but agrees with me about the bedroom carpet. The carpet guys got there at about 1 yesterday and finished up at about 6:30, not like I was watching the house all day or anything. Linoleum was installed last Friday, 6/28. Those guys got in at about 10:30 (pulled in right behind me when I was checking if they arrived yet) and left about 10:30 that night (we went to look at the floors when we were going out for the night). The linoleum is beautiful, and the master bathroom is our favorite! The only weird thing is they didn’t put linoleum in the front closet. They left a little patch to be carpeted, I found that very weird. Also, we asked if they had any leftover linoleum if they could put it in front of the back sliding door since carpet would be a nuisance, and they didn’t. They had plenty of leftover linoleum but no extra sub-floor. Maybe we’ll tile it in the future? ALSO, today is our bank inspection. If everything passes we can close on the house this week!! And maybe move in in 2 weekends. Fingers Crossed!!

Carpet while they were laying it down when I first got there – Great Room


Close up of great room carpet20140630_165317

Carpet layed out in the back bedroom

Carpet layed out in master bedroom20140630_165337

Me enjoying our new carpet right after the workers left, this carpet is sooo amazingly soft! – Great Room20140630_191946

Linoleum in front entrance with the stupid closet carpeted, thankfully it all goes together so well20140630_193114

New Linoleum – Spare Bathroom

New Linoleum – Laundry Room (the blue tape is where the seams are so people wouldn’t walk on them while they were drying). I don’t think the seams were put together very well but that’s just me. 20140630_193157

New Linoleum – Laundry Room (same as kitchen and front entrance too)20140630_193204

New Linoleum – Master Bathroom (our favorite)


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