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Great Room with the can lights we installed20140624_212728

Light bulbs I chose to go with, I’m actually very satisfied with them20140624_213729WE HAVE POWER! We have been waiting for this day for MONTHS! I cannot believe it is finally here. The floor guys were supposed to come today and start on the floors but no crews were available…figures. Matt called and said there might be a crew available tomorrow. If that is the case, they will start tomorrow (Thursday) and they will be done by the end of Friday. I can handle that. If not, they will probably start Friday and finish Monday. We need everything done by Monday because they bank only does inspections on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so if we don’t pass on Tuesday we’ll have to wait until the following week for another inspection and we’re really hoping to finish up by the end of next week. Matt will be out of town next week but he has arrangements for somebody else to do our closing if the timeline works out that way.

Justin the excavator….

Justin sent me a polite, nasty gram demanding his money that we owe him from when he added extra gravel to our foundation exterior for drainage help. We’ve had the money we just weren’t satisfied with the fact that he hasn’t contacted us in over 2 months and completely bailed on us when we were asking for him to do our tie ins after he said he would and put us through this hell to get them done. In the email he noted that he saw that somebody else did our tie ins ( no duh that’s what happens when you disappear for 2 months, you get replaced). He is demanding that we give him $2,000 or he’ll put a lean on our house (like we expect to be moving within the next 10-15 years?). Whatever, we are sending a check and we still have not been in contact with him. Apparently he is doing our final grade….we’ll see if he actually shows. I’m just trying to stay on his good side until my final grading is done in fear that he’ll mess it up on purpose….

Gas Company….

I had an appointment between 12-5 yesterday (Tuesday) for the gas company to come out and hook up our meter. Around 4:45  I called the gas company only to find their telephone business hours are only until 4….? How am I supposed to get an update on where my tech is if you guys aren’t open?? 5:00 rolled around and nobody called, awesome. I come to the conclusion that they aren’t coming for the day and I was going to call in the morning to set up another appointment. So I go to work on my house and do some finishing touches with the electrical. A woman from the gas company calls at 8:30 saying she ran out of meters but was going back to the office to get another one. I told her I just left the house (on my way to Home Depot to pick out some light bulbs) and that I could be there in an hour. We both agreed that was acceptable. Ok, so I meet the woman at 9:30….not! I got another call from the gas company about 2 minutes later and a man said he’ll be there in 30 minutes. Uh, no. This woman will be over in an hour and I can’t make it back there in 30 minutes. He told me well we have a 30 minute call ahead policy….yeah that would be relevant if you showed up between 12 and 5 like you said you would….he cancelled my appointment because I couldn’t make it there in time. I had to call back this morning and schedule another appointment for today. They gave me the time frame of 12-5 again….it’s 3:15 and no calls yet. I have very little confidence in them right now. We’ll see if they actually call.

Anyways, we have power and I am falling more and more in love with our house! The end is finally looking near!

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