A Little More Progress

Saturday Bryan and I got the drains dug and ran in the yard for our front gutters and sump pump to drain out to the ditch. With pride we did it pretty much on our own. I was sick of my dad working so hard that I asked him to just come over and supervise us and tell us what to do. It worked out tremendously! So we got the water, sewer and gas hooked up. Today we have an appointment for the gas company to come out and install our gas meter and then later today the electric company is supposed to come out and hook up our power at the pole (longest wait ever!). Bryan had to call the power company to schedule an appointment and they were able to get us in the next day. Originally after the electric is inspected by the city they are supposed to call in an appointment but I don’t think that happened this time. Last night my dad and I worked on the electrical in the house and got all of our stuff finalized. I cannot wait to have electricity in my house. Yesterday, the floor guys came and dropped off rolls of vinyl. I wanted to rip them open and look at them but I only tore off  paper from the corner of one roll. I still love it! Hopefully all goes as planned with the power company coming out today, it looks like rain so I’m not sure if they do that kind of work in the rain. Floors are scheduled to get installed tomorrow then we just need final touches, final plumbing, final grade and we are in the home stretch! Woohoo!!

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