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We have been doing so much work ourselves over the past 2 weeks. We get the electrical trenched and ran and FINALLY approved, but we are still waiting on the electric company to hook it up to the main line. Could be today or tomorrow but we had a big storm last night so I’m assuming they’ll be out and about fixing power lines. With the storm, the power went out and our basement flooded….AGAIN. WE NEED A FINAL GRADE!!!! I have no idea why they haven’t done one yet. Maybe because of the trenching but it would have been easier to do the trenching if the final grade was done….people. Anyways, our water line got installed by the city! Woohoo! However about 25 feet of our copper went missing (about $50 worth) off the end of our line that wasn’t being used by us. Bryan is calling the water department today to see what they did with it. Septic/Waste line got installed yesterday too! $400 more than quoted due to it being 20 feet further than they expected (not surprised). Also, the septic hook up was 13 feet under ground. That being said, we didn’t have to put the extra crock and pump in the basement….$850 well spent….thanks again ya’ll! Plumber came in yesterday and installed our sinks and faucets, they are pretty standard….some are ugly. The house smells like straight up butt because all of the gasses from the sewer line are coming up into the house since there is no water in the lines yet….awesome! Anything else I can complain about….? I think I’m done. They are still trying to get us into the house before the end of the month….11 days and counting. As soon as we get power the floors can get put in, plumbing finalized, and touch ups done….the countdown starts!

Kitchen sink, I love the sink and hate the faucet2014-06-18 (1)

Bathroom Sink2014-06-18 (2)

Bathroom toilet and sink. Toilet isn’t hooked up yet. Not until the floors are done. 2014-06-18 (3)

New Water Heater! Finally!! 2014-06-18

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