What A Week It’s Been

Man oh man, this week has been crazy. Wednesday we decided to take things into our own hands with tie ins. My brother in law and dad took the day off work to help Bryan and me do some trenching and tie ins. Mind you, my dad is a maintenance electrician and he has done this before so he has the experience and knowledge of running electrical. We rented a 4 ft ditch with from the local rental place, $150. My brother in law Joey went and picked it up and learned how to use it while Bryan and I ran around to some local distributors to find the supplies we need to do the electrical and water tie ins. We worked from 1pm-10pm and got 3 trenches dug and the electrical pretty much done. My dad and I went back the next day to get the electrical ran up the pole. This was a task with only 2 people and a 30 ft run up the pole. Our 24 ft ladder ended up not being tall enough and it was 10 pm by the time we had run to the store a few times and got the line up the pole so we had to call it a night. We tried putting the ladder on the top of the van for extra height but it was just too risky. My brother in law suggested renting a ladder from home depot. Luckily, they had a 32 ft fiberglass ladder to rent for $40. I could handle that! We went back the next morning and finished everything up. What a week it’s been! The tie ins ended up being a 3 day process. We also dug for our sump pump and gutters to drain. We ended up spending about $2,000 instead of the $$6,000 we were quoted. We are still waiting on an excavator to come do our sewage taps, that has been a process too and another $1,600-$2,000. Also, I painted the garage while Bryan mowed the lawn Saturday. My brother came over and helped me do the first coat on Tuesday, and I did the second coat on Saturday in the time that it took Bryan to mow our lawn. It’s a big yard!

First coat of Garage Paint


Water Trench – Had to be 4 ft deep20140611_152332

Tying down the last strap. The ladder was about 4 feet too short to put on the weather head so we went and rented a 32 ft ladder from Home Depot20140612_195914

His attempt to make his ladder longer….failed attemp…and getting dark out20140612_205133

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