In Search Of An Excavator

I am not pleased with excavators. Bryan had a meeting with an excavating company, KMU to get a quote on Tuesday 6/3. We are HOPING to hear back from them. We really don’t know of anyone else to go to. I called 6 companies, only 1 called me back. BUT, this morning I was searching our excavator that bailed on us and when searching his company I found a whole list of companies that are able to do sewage taps in Lorain County. WHAT? Our options have grown immensely. Turns out when looking at the list I see Nagel Construction. I know my brother in law has an uncle with the last name Nagel so I asked Bryan to ask my brother in law (Bryan is doing a construction job with my brother in law and his brother today). Bryan asked and it turns out it’s his uncle’s brother. No way! I have yet to give him a call but I might later. Also, my brother in law’s dad happened to talk to his neighbor this morning about us. Turns out his neighbor can do this job for us too. Who new, it’s such a small world. I have a message in with their neighbor and I’m hoping to get some responses and answers today. Maybe we can get some tie ins rolling next week, only time will tell. Hopefully our prayers are being answered and some stress will be lifted off of our shoulders.

Oh, and more house bad news. We were there the other day (Wednesday 6/4) and the basement is still a wreck. They replaced the parts of the furnace that had water damage but the floors still have a layer of mud and water on them. The cinder blocks are still draining out and they have 2 window fans and a small dehumidifier down there. Obviously the fans and dehumidifier aren’t working because there’s still water on the floors and the wood by the electric panel are starting to mildew which will turn into mold. I’m just wondering how all of this moisture is going to effect my floor joists and structure of my home. And I’m severely allergic to mold, I can sense it in a house. I do not want to come home every day and have a bad reaction to mold.

Also, the electrical work that my dad did for us. Turns out some people thought it would be fun to mess with him and cut some of the wires. Now we have to find where they are cut and fix them.

CAN WE PLEASE JUST GET A BREAK? I don’t understand why people are so disrespectful and vandalize our hard earned property. Seems like nobody wants to make anything easy on us. We are definitely working hard to get this house and we are determined to finish it no matter what happens. I think it will be a bigger reward for us in the end and we will appreciate it more.

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