Shelving and Knobs

I went to the house yesterday and all of our closet shelves are in. I am in LOVE with our closets. There is so much storage in this house, we planned everything very well! The mirrors, towels racks and toilet paper holders were all installed too. I think the racks and paper holders are hideous! We have satin light fixtures but chrome racks? Doesn’t make sense, or match. I think I’ll have a long list of things to paint after we move in.

Inside the linen closet in the laundry room

Linen closet in the laundry room closed with new knobs20140603_185306

New knobs in the kitchen20140603_185318

New knobs in the kitchen20140603_185326

New backboard on the island and the ends of the cabinets are finished20140603_185523

Back bedroom closet20140603_185534

Hallways linen closet, I was impressed by how many shelves they installed in the linen closets and pantry20140603_185550

More hallways linen closet

Spare bathroom light fixture, mirror and towel rack20140603_185609

Spare bathroom towel rack20140603_185617

Spare bathroom toilet paper holder (sticker will be removed eventually)20140603_185628

Front bedroom closet shelf20140603_185643

Pantry shelving, I LOVE our pantry! 20140603_185706

Master closet shelving, this top shelf is sooo tall20140603_185725

Master closet shelving20140603_185732

Master bathroom mirror and towel holder20140603_185749

Master bathroom toilet paper holder (patches will be fixed)20140603_185755

Master bathroom towel rack (I think I want to paint the fixtures in the master bathroom bronze)20140603_185800

Spare linen closet near the kitchen20140603_185815


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