Light Fixtures

Friday, May 3oth we went to the house to see our light fixtures have been installed. We have a TON of pictures of them.

Fan in the smaller back bedroom20140530_132525

Lightswitch in the Back Bedroom20140530_132530

Cold Air Return in the Back Bedroom20140530_132535

Light Fixture in the Main Bathroom over the Sink20140530_132549

Fan in Man Cave Bedroom 20140530_132604

Outlets in Man Cave Bedroom20140530_132607

Chandelier in Dining/Great Room still needs dropped down (wires hanging down are for the speakers we will be installing)


Fan in the middle of the great room20140530_132623

Cable Jack and Outlet above the fireplace for our TV20140530_132631

Doorbell Box and Ceiling fixture in the Great Room/Entrance20140530_132639

Fixture about the Kitchen Sink (not a fan)20140530_132709

Smoke Detector in Kitchen Hallway20140530_132719

Fan in the Master Bedroom20140530_132726

Light Fixture in the Master Bathroom above the sink20140530_132734

Room Vent for the Bathroom20140530_132740

Outdoor Light on the Front Of The House20140530_132805

Doorbell Button on the Front Of The House20140530_132808

Outdoor Outlet on the Front Of The House20140530_132817

Light outside of the Garage20140530_132854

Light on the other side of the Garage20140530_132858

Wiring for the Garage Door Opener and our only light in the garage. 20140530_132908

Light in the Laundry Room20140530_132923

New parts to the Furnace after the basement flooded. Still lots of mud on the floor20140530_133138

Light in the basement. There are about 9 of these in the basement20140530_133147

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