More Eating Out

Sunday we celebrated my Father In Law and his Wife’s birthdays so we went out to a late lunch together.

For breakfast Bryan grabbed donuts at church and I had a bowl of cereal with black coffee.

We ended up going to a local restaurant called Melt Bar and Grilled. They had a HUGE amount of vegan options and we were thrilled to see the menu. I got a veggie burger that had lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and vegan cheese with a side of french fries. The veggie burger was pretty good. It had a little more burger to it that I like but the vegan cheese was amazing. I can’t wait to try more vegan items at this restaurant. Bryan got the “Parmagedon” which is a grilled cheese sandwich with pierogies, sauerkraut and onions on it with a side of fries. His was delicious and full of flavor.

We had more leftover burritos for dinner and some chips as a snack.

We can’t wait to try more vegan options at this restaurant and to tell you all about them!

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