Weekend’s Are Hard

We had a very busy Saturday.

Bryan went to work after having a bagel for breakfast. I met up with one of my girlfriends at First Watch for breakfast. This was my first time eating out vegan so I looked at the menu ahead of time to see what my options would be. This restaurant in particular had a great website that listed all food allergens in every meal (ie. egg, soy, dairy, meat) which was extremely helpful. I ended up getting home made hash browns and a piece of whole grain toast with berry preserves. Turns out that you have to ask for your toast to be “dry” or else they put “butter” on it. Now I know for next time. I am just going to pretend that they use margarine instead of butter.

For lunch I just had a snack of some potato chips since I had a late breakfast. Bryan didn’t eat lunch since he worked then ran some errands.

Dinner this night I made Bryan a big concoction of black beans, corn, rice and salsa that he ate in soft tacos with some taco sauce. I just emptied a can of black beans, can of corn, jar of salsa and made some rice and put it in a tupperware and shook it all up. This made plenty for leftovers. I ended up going out to dinner for a girlfriend’s birthday….seriously it was a busy day. We went to Texas Roadhouse that surprisingly has some great vegan options for being a steakhouse. We got some appetizers of which I could eat the fried pickles without the delicious ranch they are supplied with…sad face. Since I knew I was going to fill up on rolls (I’m not sure if they were compliant) and appetizers, I just got a house side salad without the egg and cheese and had honey mustard dressing on it. This was more than enough food for this pregnant woman. I can only fit so much in my belly at one time anymore.

Another successful day y’all!

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