Day Five

Day Five, guys we’ve made it!

Every other Friday Bryan and I go to a bible study at our friend’s house where we have snacks and fellowship and go over a book together. Bryan made it a big deal to tell them all how his life was over and we are trying vegan last time we saw them so they all remembered and respectfully accommodated us. Bryan and I brought chips and salsa, restaurant style of course! One couple brought “vegan” (har-har) grapes and the other couple brought hummus and carrots. There was plenty for us to eat and everyone enjoyed the healthy snacks as well.

For dinner we had the same pizza’s we had the night before since we enjoyed them so much, we had leftover ingredients and they were extremely easy.

For lunch that day, Bryan had spaghetti and rice…with bbq sauce on the rice. For lunch Friday I had pizza (I scraped off the cheese…is that cheating?) at sam’s club which is my every other Friday tradition.

For breakfast Bryan had a slice of banana bread and I had a bowl of cereal with soy milk.

So far we have been doing pretty well an dI am very proud of Bryan for sticking to it with me.

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