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Thursdays are rough for dinner with our family because Bryan works late. He gets home around 8 o’clock so I usually make plans with my girlfriends for Thursdays and tell him he’s on his own or we just grab some fast food. Tonight I made dinner in two different shifts cause let’s face it, I just can’t wait until 8 pm to eat dinner.

When I was at the grocery store last week I found these panini flatbread rounds that I thought would go well as pizza crusts. Man was I right! I cut the round in half and put sauce on one half and banana peppers. I then placed the other half of the flatbread on top of that to make a sandwich and then put it in my george foreman grill to make a panini. They turned out so good that I made myself another. I made Bryan’s with banana peppers and olives. You can really get creative with the toppings by adding all of your favorite toppings as long as they are vegan. The outside of the bread was nice and crispy and the inside was a little gummy so it kind of felt like it had cheese on it which was extremely satisfying! So satisfying that I ate most of mine before I took a picture, oops. Don’t judge me. I also paired Bryan’s with a large salad. Salad is my go to filler for dinners since there are so many variances you can do with salad toppings and vegetables.

We loved this meal so much that we are going to make it again tomorrow! Yay for another easy meal. This vegan stuff does NOT need to be complicated people.

For lunch, I had a bagel with butter and a pizza pita. Bryan had leftover spaghetti and rice for lunch and was really happy with that.

My breakfast was fruity pebbles with soy milk and I also made myself a nice soy chai tea latte with half vanilla soy milk and half oregon chai mix (found at target and DELICIOUS). Bryan had a slice of vegan banana bread I made earlier this week and a mio iced coffee with soy milk for breakfast.

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