Day One

Day one started today, even though it was supposed to start three days ago.

We had a Forks Over Knives recipe of Indian Curry Lentils 

I am not so much into the Indian style food but my husband loves it. It wasn’t quite what he was expecting (he works with authentic Indian’s so he gets the real stuff quite frequently) but he was happy with it.

For lunch I had a PB&J with an apple and an ear of corn. It definitely hit the spot. Breakfast was cereal with soy milk for me as well.

Lunch for husband was a can of vegetarian chili (vegan) and he put that over a pouch of microwaveable 90 second rice. He loved the combination and ate the whole thing! His breakfast was a toasted everything bagel with non dairy margarine which is something he already ate frequently for breakfast.

After dinner I decided to make some vegan brownies. My brownies were just a box of brownie mix and i substituted the oil for applesauce and the eggs for flax eggs. They hit the spot and hubby and I are both fulfilled for the day.

I would call day 1 a success. I will have to get some more practice with Indian food to make exactly what Bryan likes. He will be getting leftover dinner for lunch at work tomorrow.

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