30 Days of Vegan

My carnivorous husband thought it would be a good idea to watch “What the Health”…I was too scared to watch it so he watched it by himself. He was a little skeptical and did some googling but thought to himself, “hey, what could it hurt?”. He decided we should try vegan for 30 days. 30 days doesn’t seem so bad, right?

So here we are pushing the start date back further and further. We get paid this Friday so we decided we’ll start then…but then we decided we want one more nice date night before we go vegan…so we start SATURDAY! We got this!

I started a “30 Days of Vegan”¬†Pinterest board with my husband and my vegetable hating taste buds in mind.

We are huge meat eaters and eat it with every meal so this will be an adjustment but it is something we are willing to try for 30 days.

I have started working on my menu for the week. Rice, and potatoes are going to be our life savers and I am going to see how many ways I can make them before we get sick of our limited choices.

Our initial reasoning for trying the 30 days of vegan is to see if it helps us feel any better. If we will have more energy or maybe even see some weight come off. At this point, only time will tell but like my husband said what does it hurt to try.

Please join in our adventure of being vegan for 30 days and seeing our progress, results and if we can hang for the whole 30 days!

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