We Got Our Keys!

Well, we did our final walk through this morning and got all of our new keys finally. We have yet to get our occupancy permit but we’re told it should be later today or maybe tomorrow. Such a nuisance. We got our first quote for our driveway and sidewalk yesterday….$10,500. Just a little bit over our price limit. We have 2 more people coming today and hopefully they are priced better. We have about 3 months to complete it so we have a little bit of time to shop around.

The house is absolutely lovely! Bryan and I cannot believe it is ours. We have more storage than we know what to do with whether it’s cabinets or closets and everything is exactly how we wanted it. There are still a few touches I would like to do to it. I definitely need to get some pictures on here, I apologize for not doing that yet.

Until then, see you later!

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