Moving Day

Alright, I didn’t actually get pictures of people moving us….but I have pictures of stuff moved into the house!! We started moving stuff on Friday, 7/11 around 9:30 and just about everything was moved in by 2:00.

I had to skip out after moving my stuff because I had to go to the bank to sign our final paperwork! Woohoo, it’s done!

We did get ANOTHER surprise from the city….a BAD one. Turns out we have to have our driveway paved, grass seed layed and sidewalk paved before we can get an occupancy permit….when was anyone going to tell us? I believe we worked out a deal that we can write the city a $5,000 check that they won’t cash until 10/31/2014 if we don’t get everything done by then. Uh hello, where are we supposed to get money for a driveway? And we need to pave 230 feet of sidewalk….wow. What a surprise. We are stressed beyond words.

This is what happens when I ask my friends to help me hang curtain rods….luckily we all have husbands that work together and actually get things done. 20140712_152702

Husbands hanging curtains and my girlfriends cleaning our hand me down couches. 20140712_150709

I couldn’t find a blanket and we don’t have cable yet so I curled up in an oversized bathroom towel and watched youtube on my iPad. 20140712_090220

Our Laundry Room20140712_075221

Bryan’s man cave with his manly stuff 20140712_075203

The great room with stuff moved in20140712_075146

The house the morning after moving….catastrophy! 20140712_075015

On day 1 we were actually able to complete 1 room….out of 920140712_074943

After our bed was made in the master bedroom20140712_002432


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