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Erien West

New Things

Monday’s are rough….but we got through it!

For lunch I made Bryan leftover burritos from Saturday and I had the same. I packed him some oreo’s and an apple. I had burrito’s, an apple, bbq chips and half of a PB&J.

Breakfast for Bryan was a bowl of raisin bran and for me was a bowl of captain crunch. We both used soy milk in our cereal for the day. We love the costco brand of vanilla soy milk. It is lightly sweetened and the vanilla flavor goes great with cereal.

For dinner I tried something new. I’ve been meaning to try this recipe for a while because Bryan is Hungarian so I thought he would enjoy it but I’ve never had goulash before so I wasn’t sure if I would like it. Let me tell you, it turned out amazing! I made this recipe of Vegan Hungarian Goulash¬†from The Vegan 8’s website. Bryan and I both loved it! We had a side salad and bread and margarine to go with it.

We ended off the night with some popcorn, which you will see I eat quite frequently. It was a good day of eating and another day of success! Still super proud of Bryan for sticking to it with me and he has not complained once!